Cost My Self Build is the homeowner arm of HBXL Professional Services Limited. And HPS is the sister company of HBXL Building Software, both members of the HBXL Group. Hope you’re keeping up! The construction software designed by HBXL’s in-house developers is considered the best in the industry and has won countless accolades over the past 20 years. A massive investment has been made into research and development. In fact, there’s nothing like it in the UK.

And that’s why we use it! Our Cost My Self Build team employs the powerful, intelligent, award-winning software to produce all our customers’ estimates and drawings.

We have our own techies supporting the software and developing it as building technologies change and the needs of our customers evolve. Twenty years on and the drive for continual improvement is ever present. There’s no stopping them!

Quotations and reports

The estimating software, EstimatorXpress is highly detailed, calculating everything involved with the project whether you’re renovating a terraced property, extending an existing home or undertaking a new build.

There isn’t a tube of mastic, brick tie or screw that hasn’t been allowed for. And all the estimates are produced using HBXL Price Tracker+™ prices which track national averages to ensure your estimate is bang up to date.

And we’re sure you’ll love the supporting reports that the software produces from the completed estimate. Clever algorithms and complex calcs  ensure you have accurate reports on the overall cost of the project, going right into the nitty gritty detail of the project if you need it, including a build phase Gantt chart, material schedules, and more.

Plan drawings

We provide the most ‘expensive’ of looking drawings and visualisations (without the expensive price tag), thanks to the technology under the bonnet of PlansXpress, the HBXL CAD software. A super powerful engine gives the team the ability to produce drawings promptly and with all the relevant Building Regulations and landscaping, brick types, and so on.

Not forgetting the humans…

The software we use sets us apart from our competitors, but so do the people using it. They pore over our customers’ plans and pick up on missing information, anomalies on the drawings and make suggestions where appropriate. It’s a team effort!